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Sex outside

Of course, for her the easiest way to increase self-esteem is to understand that other men want her. It is this logic guided by women, when they decide on treason. It is important for her to understand that she is desirable, that she still has success with the opposite sex, that they are looking at …

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Dreams and Complaints

Before registering on I heard a lot of complaints about online dating services, and I kinda agreed with them. After I started chatting with girls here, I came to realization that most of those complaints were at least ridiculous. You have a possibility to find the wife of your dreams, and you complain about …

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Holiday Closing!

Scrumptious Cupcakes will be closing for the Holidays from December 20th, 2017 through January 12th, 2018.   If you’re looking for cupcakes before that date, please place your order by Friday, December 15th. To place an order for after we reopen in January, please use our online order form.   To schedule a wedding tasting, or for …

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Pie Problems

I love pie.   What’s not to love? Buttery, flaky crust with a veritable smorgasbord of fillings: luscious fruits, crunchy nuts, creamy custards, and spices galore!! The options are endless!! You can serve it a la mode, hot or cold, whipped cream or no whipped cream (Let’s be honest though, who doesn’t want whipped cream?). …

Almond Raspberry

Almond Cupcake filled with Raspberry Filling topped with beautifully whipped Almond Buttercream.

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